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Maphatsoe’s apology came too late: Analyst

Thuli Madonsela demanded that Kerbby Maphatsoe apologise or face legal action for contempt of the Public Protector Act.(SABC)

Independent Political Analyst, Professor Somadoda Fikeni says Deputy Defence Minister and MKVA Chairperson Kerbby Maphatsoe’s apology for his scathing attack on the Public Protector came after a delayed period.

Maphatsoe retracted his controversial statements against Thuli Madonsela on Tuesday. He however insists he never labelled Madonsela a “CIA spy”.

The deputy defence minister has been under pressure to apologise after the comments he made over the weekend.

His comments against the Public Protector were sparked by her report into President Jacob Zuma’s private residence in Nkandla.

Speaking on AM Live, Fikeni says Maphatsoe’s utterances have much bigger implications because of his position as the deputy minister of defence.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of Parliament’s Ad-Hoc Committee on Nkandla and African National Congress, Member of Parliament, Cedric Frolick says the committee will strive to complete its work promptly as the matter is urgent.

President Zuma should fire Maphatsoe, says Corruption watchdog.

Corruption Watch's Communication Director David Lewis says Madonsela should take legal steps against Maphatsoe.

Corruption Watch’s Communication Director David Lewis says Madonsela should take legal steps against Maphatsoe.

Corruption Watchdog is calling on President Jacob Zuma to clearly demonstrate where government stands on corruption by immediately firing Deputy Minister of Defence and Military Veterans Kebby Maphatsoe.

This follows Maphatsoe’s allegation that Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela was a “CIA spy”.  Yesterday, Maphatsoe withdrew his comments and apologised but insisted that his claims were misinterpreted.

Corruption Watch’s Communication Director David Lewis says Madonsela should take legal steps against Maphatsoe.  

“We’re urging the Public Protector to pursue the content charges against the Deputy Minister, holding the Public Protector’s content to the criminal offence, and his remarks should be treated accordingly.”  

“The fact that the President and members of cabinet have ignored the recommendations by Public Protector, leaving members of the ruling party striding in disparaging attacks on the Public Protector, is precisely what leads to the statement by the Deputy Minister.”

Is the Apple Watch too expensive for South Africans?


Apple unveiled the much anticipated Apple Watch last night, journalist, Duncan Alfreds, weighs in on how this device compares with other smart watches already on the market.

Duncan states that even though the Apple Watch doesn’t offer anything new, it will still sell in the millions due to the Apple brand. Although this watch might sell in America, Duncan is not sure that it will take off in South Africa due to the extremely high price.

The Apple Watch will be sold in the United States for $349, which would come in at about R4000 when the device is finally available in South Africa.

Will you buy the Apple Watch when it makes its South African debut?

Another bus torched on Cape Flats

Eight buses have been set alight since taxi volence broke out in nearby Nyanga and Philippi on Monday.

Eight buses have been set alight since taxi volence broke out in nearby Nyanga and Philippi on Monday. (REUTERS)

Golden Arrow bus service says another bus was torched in Mfuleni on the Cape Flats late Monday night.  

This means eight buses have been set alight since taxi violence broke out in nearby Nyanga and Philippi on Monday.  

One person was killed and several bus drivers assaulted.

Buses with armed escorts have been deployed to transport commuters to work on Tuesday.

Golden Arrow spokesperson, Bronwen Dyke says: “Golden arrow can confirm that another one of our busses were set alight last night at 8pm just outside Mfuleni at Malibu circle. We are therefore taking some precautionary measures this morning and not going into certain areas. We ask that our passengers from Samora Machel please make their way to Vanguard drive, our Nyanga passengers to the N2 and Borcherds Quarry and Mfuleni passengers to Malibu circle.

Be Around Those With High Expectations of You

It is important to continually surround yourself with people who have high expectations of you.  It is important to do things that you are good at so that you reinforce others’ positive opinions of you.

Many people surround themselves with people who have low expectations of them and this ends up doing them a great deal of harm.  You also often find yourself around others with low expectations of you because you are doing something you should not be doing or are associating with those you should not be.

When you are around those who have low expectations of your abilities, then you tend to perform in the manner they expect of you.  When you are around those who have high expectations, you tend to rise to this level as well.  Nothing is more important than finding a place where you are around those who appreciate your abilities and have high expectations of you.


When people are aware of others’ expectations, they usually perform in accordance with them. Outside expectations can lead to either your success or your destruction; surrounding yourself with low expectations can, in turn, lead you to under-perform and further distance you from your career goals. When you surround yourself with people with high expectations, however, you will rise to levels you may not have thought previously possible.

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